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Terra Nova

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Terra Nova is an American science fiction drama television series that airs on Fox on Monday nights. It premiered on September 26, 2011 with a 90 minute episode. It follows the Shannon family as they go 85 million years into the past.

The series is based on an idea by British writer Kelly Marcel. Alex Graves signed on to direct the pilot. Brannon Braga and René Echevarria serve as showrunners. Australia was chosen after producer Steven Spielberg vetoed Hawaii because he wanted a different filming location from his 1993 film Jurassic Park. The two-hour pilot was filmed over 26 days in late November to December 2010. It was shot in south-east Queensland, Australia, with locations in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Gold Coast Hinterland. The shoot was plagued by torrential rain and additional material had to be shot in 2011, with a total estimated cost between $10 to $20 million to be amortized over the season. More than 250 sets were constructed. An episode takes eight to nine days to shoot, like most television dramas, but six weeks in post-production, twice the television average. The average episode budget is about $4 million, compared to an average of $3 million for broadcast network dramas. Fox Entertainment president Kevin Reilly stated, "This thing is going to be huge. It’s going to take an enormous production commitment."

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Misfits is a British science fiction comedy-drama television series about a group of young offenders forced to work in a community service programme, where they obtain supernatural powers after a strange electrical storm. The first series started broadcasting on 12 November 2009 on E4, and was produced by Clerkenwell Films. The show aired in Australia in 2010 on ABC2. In June 2011, it was made available online in the United States via Hulu, where it became one of the service’s most-watched series.

Filming for the second series began on 24 May 2010, next to Southmere Lake, Thamesmead, Southeast London. The second series aired from 11 November 2010 to 16 December 2010 on E4. A third series was officially confirmed. A Christmas special, written by Howard Overman, featuring the whole main cast of the first series was broadcast on E4 in December 2010. The first series won the 2010 BAFTA Television Award for Best Drama Series.

On 10 April 2011, it was announced that actor Robert Sheehan would not be returning for the third series. A short entitled "Vegas Baby", released online in September 2011, covered the departure of Sheehan’s character, Nathan. An extended trailer for the new third series was shown after the short. The third series started on 30 October 2011.

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bron: Wiki, foto’s: screenshots via E4 HD (UK)



Neighbours gaat over de belevenissen van de inwoners van 6 huizen in Ramsay Street, een doodlopende straat in Erinsborough, een fictieve voorstad van Melbourne. De gebeurtenissen spelen zich sinds het begin altijd in dezelfde huizen af (nummers 22, 24, 26, 28, 30 en 32). Dat is een groot verschil met andere soaps waar er regelmatig van set gewisseld wordt. De serie heeft ook een heel eigen stijl gericht op het hele gezin en is niet te vergelijken met de Amerikaanse soaps. Naast de gebruikelijke drama’s, ongevallen, ruzies en huwelijken is Neighbours immers ook gekend voor zijn lichte, humoristische verhaallijnen. In elke aflevering lopen verschillende verhalen door elkaar, maar altijd zal er één luchtiger bij zijn.

De binnenopnames gebeuren in de Global Television studios in Forest Hill. Voor buitenopnames trekt de crew naar Ramsay Street. Pin Oak Court is de echte doodlopende straat die sinds 1985 dienst doet als Ramsay Street. Alle huizen die je in de serie ziet zijn echt en de crew mag er een paar dagen per maand op straat en in de voortuinen filmen. De bewoners van de huizen krijgen daar trouwens een mooie vergoeding voor. Lassiter’s, de ontmoetingsplaats van de ‘Buren’, met een hotel, pub en koffiehuis bevindt zich achter de studio’s.

Een aantal bekende sterren hebben in Neighbours gespeeld, bijvoorbeeld Kylie Minogue, Jason Donovan, Natalie Imbruglia, Alan Dale, Delta Goodrem Jesse Spencer (House MD) en Guy Pearce. Ook Russell Crowe heeft ooit een klein rolletje in de serie gespeeld. Eind jaren ’80 vormden Kylie en Jason het meest populaire koppel ooit in Ramsay Street.

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bron: Wiki, foto’s: sreenshots via Channel 5 HD (UK)



Returning for its seventh season, this haunting series follows Sam and Dean Winchester, two brothers bound by tragedy and blood to the one thing that runs through both their veins – hunting monsters. This past season, Dean and Sam faced insurmountable obstacles: Sam returned from Hell without his soul, and Dean risked everything to get it back for him. The power struggle between good and evil raged on, with the new King of Hell, Crowley, ultimately emerging as their adversary.



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James Purefoy stars as William Travers, a criminal barrister who is recovering from a traumatic series of events that have shaken his belief in the legal system.

On the surface, Travers is a picture of success; an accomplished criminal barrister happily living with his wife (played by Dervla Kirwan) in rural Suffolk.

However, Travers is still recovering from events in his past when he is drawn into a case that involves his old friend Martin Newall (Nathaniel Parker), who faces conspiracy and murder charges while at the same time being investigated by a vicious and vengeful detective DS Mark Wenborn (Creed Miles).

The five-part series from acclaimed writer Anthony Horowitz (Collision, Foyle’s War) is a story of friendship, conspiracy, betrayal and murder as well as a critical look at the way the legal system operates.

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